A 4-day-old baby was part of the hundreds of migrants saved during a rescue operation in the central Mediterranean sea on Saturday, April 1. The baby belonged to a 29-year-old Nigerian woman married to Richard Ohene, a 34-year-old Ghanaian. The rescue operation lasted for three hours during which migrants were transferred into Golfo Azzurro, a former fishing trawler. They were expected to reach the port town of Augusta the next day. The rescued baby was travelling on one of the two rubber boats carrying over 200 migrants from North and central Africa. They took the most frequently used departure point being used by human smugglers in Libya. The parents of the baby had lived in Libya for over two years and had decided to move on to Europe to find greener pastures. According to Ohene, the family has a future in Europe. they moved from Libya after they had the baby. “We want to go to France or Germany, there is a future for our family there,” Ohene said. Daniel Calvelo, the 26-year-old guy, who moved the baby from the raft into the rescue boat was overwhelmed. “A week ago, I collected a dead body from the Mediterranean for the first time, and (Saturday) I carried a new life,” he said. Italy has become a centre of attraction in Europe for those running away from the hardships in Africa. Most of the migrants cross the Mediterranean sea in order to leave the lawless country for a better place. The adorable 4-day-old baby rescued in the Mediterranean sea. Recently, another Nigerian baby was born on the Mediterranean sea when the mother went into labour after being aboard the rescue ship. Amazingly, the baby survived and was given immediate medical attention as soon as the ship docked. READ ALSO: Newly appointed DG smokes his cigar while playing Nigerian song (video) NAIJ.com finds it intriguing that the 4-day-old baby survived despite being exposed to the harsh weather condition of the Mediterranean sea. About 600 migrants have died this year while trying to cross North Africa to Italy. Half of about 181,000 migrants who arrived in Italy in 2016 went there by sea.  The situation of things in the country have made us lose many things. Youths who ought to stay and help the nation are running out of the country as they have lost hope in the nation. .