News have come about in Brazil about a 36-year-old woman who was imprisoned by his own family for 16 years, and was rescued about two weeks ago. Maria Lúcia de Almeida Braga stayed imprisoned all these years in a damp and decaying room which only measured 3×3 meters. She was locked up when she got getting after having an affair with a man. Her father and brother have the son she delivered to other people. De Almeida’s mother was apparently in disagreement with locking her up, but she could not make her voice be heard. She suffered from psychological problems after that and is now bed-ridden. The woman’s brother, 48-year-old João de Almeida Braga, was charged by police and will be given an 8-year prison sentence. He and his father kept her in the room with no light, electricity nor toilet, and she ws always naked.

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The place where the woman was locked up was too remote for people to hear her screams. After receiving an anonymous tip, police went looking for her, and found her at the room in a remote area outside the town of Uruburetama in Brazil. They said the room smelled terrible, due to the urine and faeces on the floor. It had no electricity and the only light was from the window, which was kept shuttered and locked most of the time. Police also recounted that she had ran over to them in excitement when they finally managed to break seven padlocks in order to get to where she was in. The brother or father gave Maria Lúcia two meals a day. She was very skinny when police found her, but is now apparently gaining weight, and learning to speak and write again. Authorities looked for her son, and have already identified him. They are arranging for a prompt reunion.